2012/4/5 Gregor Hagedorn <g.m.hagedorn@gmail.com>

I still feel uneasy about the hard-to-remember-neonym.
It was strange to me and had to read after it. You may remember as bit-->byte-->snack, growing pieces of food.

I cannot prove
it, but believe the term snak will have to be learned by anyone who
interacts with the system through the API, any form of import
mechanism, etc.
Well, and what's then? They will learn. Once I thought namespaces to be a rather programming word and concept, but then I became a Wikipedian and understood they were a basic concept of editing. Every Wikipedian must know the difference between article and user and project namespace and they are not afraid of the word even if they have no real knowledge about namespaces in programming. People must understand concepts and ideas, and for the majority of non-English, non-programmer people it will be quite the same whatever name the new concept has. More, a sna(c)k fits better to every day concepts of an avarage person than an assertion, doesn't it?