The question is: do you dwell on what is "good" or is it a tool that helps to improve things?

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More information can be found on the tools page at https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/User:Ls1g/Recoin2.

Interesting! At the moment the colored indicator refers to that page, but people who have the Recoin2 indicator know about it already... how about having it link to the list of expected (but missing) properties?

If there's consensus that that is preferred we could definitely change it.

We have in fact discussed that idea earlier with the WD UX team, the current behaviour, linking to a generic page, is how status indicators on behave on WP, so creates coherence. But linking to the absent properties would indeed also make a lot of sense, unfortunately the two choices are exclusive, so any thoughts on what is better are appreciated!


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