Not sure either it's writeable as punning imply to treat the class/individual as different things ...

tried to dig if it is possible in SWRL (see for example), seems not so easy either, found this topic on (google cache, the site seems down ATM, original URL : swrl rules with subclass of and type) which is related to the problems I faced and seem to imply it needs to be done in SPARQL.

Happy Q11269 either ;)

2014-12-31 14:59 GMT+01:00 Emw <>:
Automobile (Q1420) had the claims [1]:

    subclass of motor road vehicle
    instance of motor road vehicle

That was incorrect.  An instance of motor road vehicle is something like the Peekskill Meteorite Car (Q7756463) [2]. 

It is generally incorrect when an item has instance of and subclass of claims with the same value.  I am not aware of a Wikidata constraint template which can encode that rule.  (Off hand I'm not sure how it would be encoded in OWL, either.  Ontology experts: how would we do that?)

If we wanted use both instance of and subclass of in automobile, then we would need to do something like:

    subclass of motor road vehicle
    instance of motor road vehicle class

In my opinion, instance of claims like that are not very useful, because they simply restate what is directly implied in the subclass of claim.  Punning that is not a mere rephrasing can be useful, e.g. Chevrolet Malibu (Q287723) [3] "subclass of mid-size car, instance of car model".

See also Markus's comment from September about using subclass of and instance of in the same item, which conveniently also discusses automobiles [4].

Happy Q11269!


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