They are but it seems to be no prio see comments:  
on my task from Gehel T234431#5682417 

Sorry again for the delay. We are focusing on stabilizing WDQS at the moment. We don't have a good understanding of the impact of federation on the stability of the service, especially since this 'SPARQL engine they have is "shaky"'. So it is unlikely we will had more complexity until we are in a much more stable situation.

As the TORA connection will never be heavy used but is important when cleaning data its sad... and I have given up....

Magnus Sälgö
Stockholm, Sweden

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Since Stas left last year, unfortunately nobody from the WMF has done
anything with . I don't
know if the new SPARQL people are even aware of this page.

My bot produces a weekly federation report at


On 30-03-20 22:41, Lucas Werkmeister wrote:
> The current whitelist is documented at
> and new additions can be proposed at
> Cheers,
> Lucas
> On 30.03.20 20:31, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>> All,
>> I am opening up this thread to discuss the generic support of SPARQL
>> endpoints by WDQS. Correct me if I am wrong, but right now it can use
>> SPARQL-FED against a select number of registered endpoints?
>> As you all know, the LOD Cloud Knowledge Graph is a powerful repository
>> of loosely-coupled, data, information, and knowledge. One that could
>> really help humans and software agents in the collective quest to defeat
>> the COVID19 disease.
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