Yes, I'll keep playing with it, it's already saved me dozens of hours of work, thanks. Now, just 25 letters of the alphabet to go!

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On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 11:40 AM, Thomas Steiner <> wrote:
Hi again,

> I find the WIKISEARCH a bit overly permissive for general use, but it did
> find some useful matches.

The underlying Wikipedia API request is to the best of my
understanding essentially the same as a regular on-Wikipedia search.
You might get better results by setting the optional second parameter
"opt_didYouMean" to true like so: =WIKISEARCH("search term", TRUE). In
some cases it then shows the most probable alternative result that you
might have wanted to actually search for instead. Give it a spin.
Also, together with the pipeline I have set up for you in the sheet,
you can filter on type, so when you know you are looking for "instance
of: human", you can exclude anything non-human. Hope this helps!


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