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Am 04.03.2015 um 18:00 schrieb Ricordisamoa:

> That's what Translatemplate <https://tools.wmflabs.org/translatemplate/> is for!
> (thanks to you and Daniel for the idea :-)
> It uses mwparserfromhell to parse DBpedia mappings and 'translate' templates
> in-place.
> I've added you to the service group so you can fiddle with it.
> The code got a bit hackish to work around a mwparserfromhell/Labs bug. If you're
> happy with the result we can publish it in Gerrit.

Aren't the dbpedia template parameter mappings available in machine readable
form somewhere? I mean, dbpedia is *using* them for extracting information
somehow, right?

Dimitris, can you enlighten us?

The framework has it's own MW parser and the design choice when the wiki was implemented (very long time ago & before I got involved) was to use wiki markup as the native syntax.
To be honest it makes sense. This what the users use to define mappings, we can easily parse it and there is no need for another intermediate format
However we are working on an RDF representation of the mappings that people will be able to get from our mapping server api. But this will be like an export functionality, the native syntax will still be the wiki markup.

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