Dear Martynas,

if you try to model the following statement in RDF

"The population density of France, as of an 2012 estimate, is 116 per square kilometer, according to the "Bilan demographique 2010"."

you might notice that RDF requires a reification of the statement. The data model that you have seen provides us with an abstract and concise way to talk about these reifications (i.e. via the statement model, just as in RDF).

We still have not finished the document describing how to map our data model to OWL/RDF, but we have thought about this the whole time while discussing the data model.

But if you find a simpler, and more RDFish way to express the above statement, please feel free to enlighten me. I would be indeed very interested.


2012/4/5 Martynas Jusevicius <>
it doesn't look like reuse of existing concepts and standards is a
priority for this project.
One cannot build a Semantic Web application by ignoring its main
building block, which is the RDF data model.

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