Hi Olya,

Sorry for the late reply, but I just wondered if you were aware of Wikitrans[1], which "provides machine-translated versions of Wikipedia articles, completely linked and searchable in the target language, as well as cross language simultaneous Wikipedia searches".

It doesn't use Wikidata, but on the other hand use some formalized grammar of targeted languages. For what I know the translation software is not open source, but it might be interesting to have a wikimedia hosted backup of translated versions and links toward them in Wikidata, then maybe usable in Wikipedia.

Let me know if this kind of late feedback is welcome/undesired


[1] https://wikitrans.net/

Le 18/06/2018 à 01:12, Olya Irzak a écrit :
Dear Wikidata community,

We're working on a project called Wikibabel to machine-translate parts of Wikipedia into underserved languages, starting with Swahili.

In hopes that some of our ideas can be helpful to machine translation projects, we wrote a blogpost about how we prioritized which pages to translate, and what categories need a human in the loop:

Rumor has it that the Wikidata community has thought deeply about information access. We'd love your feedback on our work. Please let us know about past / ongoing machine translation related projects so we can learn from & collaborate with them.

Best regards,
Olya & the Wikibabel crew 

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