Because the battle of Stalingrad as a battle was not fought by modern day Russia, it was fought by the USSR and Nazi Germany. Associating the battle of Stalingrad with modern day Russia is wrong on so many levels. At the time it was Stalingrad, hence the name. It will never be the battle of Wolgograd.

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It does not make sense to couple coordinates with countries... The battle of Stalingrad for instance was firmly in the USSR and not in modern day Russia.
Why not? Every Place has a history that can't be evaded.
The beautiful part of Linked Data is these little graphs one gets when joining data on defined properties. For instance joining data based on coordinates would provide an insight into the history of a certain Place.

The battle of Stalingrad is an event that has taken Place at Stalingrad, which is now Wolgograd, both have the same coordinates. There are even more places at these coordinates :-)


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