There used to be a time when the WMF had a team dedicated to language technology. I know, I was part of it. 

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Thank you, Gerard. I have used the tool you alluded to as an end-user, changing display language from English, to Spanish, to Chinese traditional or to Chinese simplified.

But the <language> for describing an entity in Wikidata is on the data recording side. At the moment, <Chinese> (zh) appears to represent spoken and written Chinese. But the scripts are quite all over the map. I cannot figure out whether best practices. Will you mind pointing me to the guidelines if you are aware of one?

Thank you very much.


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For Wikipedia we have a tool that provides to the reader the simplified or
traditional representation based on the users preference. We could do that
for Wikidata if we cared to. The same is true for Commons, its search
engine works for any language based on the availability of Wikidata labels
in other languages and we could serve more than half the world's population
if we cared to.

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I was alerted that there are many properties without a label in zh-Hant.
When I reviewed the search result, I was surprised to see Chinese
traditional (zh-Hant) and simplified scripts (zh-Hans) were both recorded
under the lable Chinese (zh).

Does anyone know if there are guidelines for entering data under different
language tags, subtags for script and region? Thank you for your help.

Jackie Shieh
Descriptive Data Management
Discovery Services Division



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