The Wikidata project sounds like it can be an amazing source of information over the long term.  Key to that is interoperable data with known formats that will last the test of time.  If you want an electronic copy of my book (Silver Bullets) on this topic, email me and I’ll send along gratis.


One standard format I’d highly  recommend is Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), which has been driven by OASIS ( .  CAP is becoming a worldwide standard for notification and alerting – used by FEMA, NOAA, USGS in the US gov, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka and many other countries.  Google uses CAP alerts as a basis for their new public safety alerting, and many commercial products and companies are incorporating CAP.


These alerts/notifications also are useful for a historical look at events past – you can accumulate all the earthquake data for an area over a period of years.