Having read the proposal, I am more than happy to endorse this follow up. My previous annoyance with StrepHit was that it relied on the Primary Sources tool. I am happy to note that it is now recognised how deficient it is in the usability department.

The main thing will be to come up with strategies to involve people. So far the Primary Sources failed miserably in this department. Now that it is no longer a Google project we may finally consider options without the miserable thought of Google making its mark held by some. Our license is CC-0 so Google is welcome anyway to everything we achieve.

My pet hate of the primary sources tool is that often there are suggestions that already exist. This can be explained that a lot of values are added without noticing the values available. It would however be good when these are removed without suggesting that they are declines. I do this all the time and am sorry because it negatively impacts the Freebase statistics..

Anyway, the notion of the StrepHit functionality with improved methods to add them to Wikidata make sense. Maybe it is even time to reconsider many of the notions of Primary Sources.

On 24 July 2016 at 15:33, Marco Fossati <fossati@spaziodati.eu> wrote:
[Begging pardon if you have already read this in the Wikidata project chat]

Hi everyone,

If you care about data quality, you probably know that high quality is synonym of references to trusted sources.

That's why the primary sources tool is out there as a Wikidata gadget:

*The tool definitely needs an uplift.*
That's why I'm requesting a *renewal* of the StrepHit IEG.

Remember StrepHit, the Web agent that reads authoritative sources and feeds Wikidata with references?
These 6 months of work have led to the release of the first version: its datasets are now in the primary sources tool, together with Freebase.
To support the IEG renewal, feel free to play with them!

Please follow the instructions in this request for comment to activate the tool:

Are you satisfied with it? Do you agree with the current discussion?

If you have any remark for improvement, please help me refine the renewal proposal via its talk page.
If you think the primary sources tool requires a boost, please endorse the StrepHit IEG renewal!




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