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Hello Michal,

Thanks for sharing this information. I hope that while building this project, the existing resources will be browsed and reused.
Over the years, the community has built some various formats of resources about the Wikidata Query Service and SPARQL:
- A detailed tutorial (both could be translated in more languages)
- A full video training by Asaf
- A page where the community can answer questions and provide help

Of course, all of these content pages could probably be improved and better translated, but I think we're not starting from scratch here :)

On Thu, 14 Feb 2019 at 10:41, Michal Lester <> wrote:
Dear all,
One recurring phenomenon we encounter when we present Wikidata to various
audiences, is the enthusiasm with they react to the Wikidata Query Service,
and the possibilities it offers for extracting specific information from
the vast network of linked and structured data contained in Wikidata. This
enthusiasm is not surprising, as the query feature of Wikidata is quite
unique within the landscape of information services available today.
The Wikidata Query Service is powered by SPARQL – a semantic query language
for databases. Unfortunately, for users who are new to Wikimedia platforms,
there is currently little instructional material on how to learn SPARQL for
use in Wikidata. At Wikimedia Israel we believe that a user-friendly
tutorial to Queries/SPARQL will attract new users to engage with Wikidata
and help build a community around the project.
In recent years, Wikimedia Israel has developed online instructional
materials, such as the Wikipedia courseware and the guide for creating
encyclopedic content. We plan to use our experience in this field, and in
collaboration with Wikimedia Deutschland, we intend to develop a website
with a step-by-step tutorial to learn how to use the Wikidata Query
Service. The instructional material will be available in three languages
(Hebrew, Arabic and English) but it will be possible to add the same
instructions in other languages. We are quite confident that having a
tutorial that explains and teaches the Query Service will help expand
Wikidata to new audiences worldwide.

*Best regards,*

*Michal Lester,*
*Executive DirectorWikimedia Israel*
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