Are there are any tools currently that could do something like this:

Input: A category/class - something that hangs off subclassOf P279 relationships.  For example: "gene" Q7187

Output: an interactive visual representation of the properties that are being used by the entities connected to this category entity as its members: e.g the properties used by RELN Q414043. 

The interactive part would be to optionally expand the visualization to include the equivalent representation for the objects of selected properties. e.g. an expanding tree of properties for example.  

I'm looking for something akin to a schema inspector for a more typical database.  The reason for this request is to ease understanding and communication about data structures that go beyond single entities.  In my example here, we have important information that people typically associate with the concept of 'gene', but to get to it, you need to hop through the connection between the gene and protein representations first.  For example.  RELN(gene) encodes reelin(protein) interacts with VLDR(protein).   And this is a relatively simple example.  

This would be very helpful for the molecular biology wikiproject as we work out what are likely to be increasingly complex structures of the data we are importing.  I imagine such a tool could also be very useful for other groups and could also be useful for a general visual query composer.