And given that DBpedia finds its changes from the RSS feed for an increasing number of Wikipedias and given that we at Wikidata do not even regularly harvest data based on "category contains" on a regular basis (just as an example) there is no justifiable room for any sense of superiority at Wikidata.

On 5 May 2018 at 20:35, David Abián <davidabian@wikimedia.es> wrote:
Wikipedia isn't a read-only interface but an editable project, so there
will always be contents in Wikipedia that aren't in Wikidata, so DBpedia
will always have the opportunity to offer contents from Wikipedia that
aren't in Wikidata. That's all.

El 05/05/18 a las 19:52, Andy Mabbett escribió:
>> I don't mean a technical lack of expressiveness, but the impossibility,
>> and lack of intention, for Wikipedia to become a read-only interface of
>> Wikidata someday.
> Well, neither is DBpedia, so I don't see how that substantiates your claim.

David Abián
Wikimedia España

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