This is pretty substantial work, which is both developmentally difficult and will require a lot of effort to maintain. I wouldn't expect that the work will be inexpensive either.

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Dear David, Denny and Wikidatans,�

Thanks for this email thread.�

I'd like to float a proposal for this ecosystem of Wikidatas vis-a-vis World University and School, (which is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW), with our plans for a wiki school or online, Creative Commons' licensed university (with free, online, C.C., MIT-centric, university degrees planned) in all 7,105+ languages and 204+ countries. C.C. WUaS hopes to engage Wikidata, as well.�

I've begun a link on the WUaS, wiki, Subjects' page called "Wikidata databases and ecosystem," - - which can easily become an extensible, wiki, subject page itself (using a modified version of Wikidata with the WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE - in all languages and countries, to link all the (small number of) Wikidatas that emerge. (Check out this extensible, WUaS, wiki SUBJECT TEMPLATE, since it has many of the possible categories mentioned above in this email thread).�

Here is the beginning, Languages' wiki page at WUaS - - eventually to link all languages, each as a school or university.�

And here is the beginning Nation States' wiki page at WUaS - - eventually to link all nation states, each as a school or university.�

The wiki, extensible, WUaS all-languages' (7,105 per "Ethnologue") and all-nation states' (204 per "The Olympics") approach has the merit of potentially including all emergent Wikidatas in all languages (for an universal translator -, and in all nation states for legal questions, in a way that fully supports the amazing interlingual Wikidata (which is planned for Wikipedia's 285 languages +), and also, - since many/most of these Wikidatas may be data about generative shared knowledge - will therefore fit well with World University and School which is for open, free, wiki, people-to-people teaching and learning.�

Best regards,�

On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 6:42 AM, David Cuenca <> wrote:
On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 1:49 AM, Jane Darnell <> wrote:
[...] do you think there is a need for this file to have its own "F" status in WikiData?

Yes. The reason to have file entities is mainly to have a platform that can store semantic descriptions of a file. For text searches in classical terms it doesn't matter much, but to search things like:
- "portrait engravings by artists born in Dordrecht"
- "depictions of Dutch poets born between 1600 and 1700"

For these kind of searches, the only possible way to return relevant results is to store the information a semantic way as Wikidata does.
As Thomas pointed out, the task to transition to the new method looks somewhat daunting, luckily here there is not much trouble using bots to automate the task filling out the properties of the 17M files.
The case of "image promotion" I think it is a different issue that would require some tagging (maybe "best depiction of") or a simple voting system (like in youtube, reddit, etc).

It is also important to note that the old issue of sexual content in Commons [1] has gained *a lot* of traction lately since the last three op-ed's questioning/defending its suistainability [2] [3]. Basically there is a need that the searches show what you are looking for and not some other random content. The urgency to present a solution is very high at the moment, a matter of weeks before starting organizing WikiLoveMonuments with a cleaned reputation, so I hope that Wikidata can present a proposal soon that I am sure will be better than this other proposal [4]



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