Let us see, once Wikidata has replaced most of the local language links, what is left and how the world looks then. This would be then the appropriate moment to consider how to further extend the system. Right now we would be building on too many assumptions that we cannot validate for a rather small benefit.


2012/11/28 Lukas Benedix <benedix@zedat.fu-berlin.de>
Is there any reason not to have links from wikidata/FooBar to
en.wiki/FooBar and de.wiki/Foo#Bar? It would be a directed edge, but is
that a problem?

I think there are a lot of articles especially in the german wikipedia
where you don't have FooBar but Foo#Bar.


> On 27.11.2012 19:30, Marco Fleckinger wrote:
>> While having 3 articles in German it is always the same article in
>> English.
>> AFAIK something like that is not possible to reflect in WikiData.
> Correct.
> In such a case, old style language links have to be used in the wikitext.
> Note
> however that the English article can only have one outgoing interlanguage
> link
> to german, the others are ignored (this was changed in core a few weeks
> ago,
> unrelated to wikidata).
> One solution would be to create a "hub" page for the law in general on the
> German wikipedia too.
> -- daniel

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