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the discussion about Wikidata and LOD got into this specific detail and I was just hoping that we could pick up on a few topics.

We are still hoping to get some support for our GlobalFactSync proposal: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/DBpedia/GlobalFactSync

We created a new prototype here (Just Eiffel Tour for now):

You can see there that the floor count property is different in the French Wikipedia (properties can be switched with the dropox on the top)

The English Wikipedia has the same value as Wikidata plus a reference. One of the goals of GlobalFactSync is to extract these references and import them into Wikidata.

We will also build a redirection service around it, so you can use Wikidata Q's and P's as arguments for ?s= and ?p= and get resolved to the right entry for quick comparison between WD and WP.

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On 06.05.2018 10:54, Ettore RIZZA wrote:
@Antonin : You're right, I now remember Magnus Knuth's message on this list about GlobalFactSync, a lite version of CrossWikiFact, if I understood correctly. I also remember that his message did not trigger many reactions...

2018-05-06 10:46 GMT+02:00 Antonin Delpeuch (lists) <lists@antonin.delpeuch.eu>:
On 06/05/2018 10:37, Ettore RIZZA wrote:
>     More simply, there's still a long way to go until Wikidata imports
>     all the data contained in Wikipedia infoboxes (or equivalent data
>     from other sources), let alone the rest.
> This surprises me. Are there any statistics somewhere on the rate of
> Wikipedia's infoboxes fully parsed ?

That was more or less the goal of the CrossWikiFact project, which was
unfortunately not very widely supported:

It's still not clear to me why this got so little support - it looked
like a good opportunity to collaborate with DBpedia.


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