There is another aspect that is not considered. When you lock an item or a property how is a label in a language added that is still missing?

On 10 June 2016 at 19:37, Julie McMurry <mcmurry.julie@gmail.com> wrote:
I concur both with Markus K and with Ben. What sets Wikipedia apart is its democratic approach. Exerting too much control, especially if in the hands of a "trusted few", is at cross-purposes with the Wiki way and moreover not scaleable.

The question regarding edit drift and notifications raises another question for me: How, if at all, are the downstream edits being communicated back to the source databases? Although in some cases the edits will be annotations that the source mightn't care about for their particular user base. But what about factual corrections? Wouldn't they want to know these things and correct them at the source? Perhaps this question belongs in a different thread. I defer to you on that.


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