There is a sync function per catalog, in your case:

This is also linked from the "Action" drop-down menu for the respective catalog.

I am running it now, so should be low numbers (14 not on Wikidata when I got there).

On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 10:07 AM Osma Suominen <> wrote:

We're more than halfway through mapping YSO places to Wikidata. Most of
the remaining are places that don't exist in Wikidata, and adding them
is quite labor-intensive so we will have to consider our strategy.

Anyway, I did some checking of what remains unmapped and noticed a
potential problem: some mappings for places that we have mapped using
Mix'n'match have not actually been stored in Wikidata. For example Q36
Poland ("Puola" in YSO Places) is such a case. In Mix'n'match it is
shown as manually matched (see attached screenshot), but in Wikidata the
corresponding YSO ID property doesn't actually exist for the entity. I
checked the change history of the Q36 entity and couldn't find anything
relevant there, so it seems that the mapping was never stored in
Wikidata. Maybe there was a transient error of some kind?

Another such case was Q1754 Stockholm ("Tukholma" in YSO places). But
for that one we removed the existing mapping in Mix'n'match and set it
again, and now it is properly stored in Wikidata.

Mix'n'match currently reports 4228 mappings for YSO places, while a
SPARQL query for the Wikidata endpoint returns 4221 such mappings. So I
suspect that this only affects a small number of entities.

Is it possible to compare the Mix'n'match mappings with what actually
exists in Wikidata, and somehow re-sync them? Or just to get the
mappings out from Mix'n'match and compare them with what exists in
Wikidata, so that the few missing mappings may be added there manually?


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