Congratulations and welcome to all!

Really looking forward to a fun and productive GSoC :D

My best,

On Tue, May 9, 2023 at 1:29 PM Vasanth Gopa <> wrote:
Hello folks,

Please join us in welcoming Wikimedia's accepted candidates for Google Summer of Code 2023 [1] and Outreachy Round 26 [2]!

*Google Summer of Code 2023*

   1.  Ahmed Amine Hassou, Morocco, Wiki Education Dashboard: Refactoring and upgrading React <>
        Mentors: Sage Ross

   2. Chenhao Liu, United States of America, Wiki farm support for Canasta <>
        Mentors:  Yaron Koren, Jeffrey Wang

   3.  Nikhil Mahajan, India, End-to-end test coverage for Abstract Wikipedia's Wikifunctions <>
        Mentors: Stef Dunlap, James Forrester, Cory Massaro, Denny Vrandečić

   4.  Zexi Gong, China, Wikidocumentaries to import images from the web to Structured Data on Commons <>
        Mentors: TuukkaH, Susannaanas

   5.  Shashwat Khanna, India, Improve Programs & Events Dashboard UX for Article Scoped Programs <>
        Mentors: Sage Ross

   6.   Saurabh Jamadagni, India, Adding a menu to Scribe-iOS application and expanding keyboard languages <>
         Mentors: Andrew McAllister

   7.  Ritika Pahwa, India, Commons Android app: Make upload more reliable <>
        Mentors: Nicolas Raoul, Kaartic Sivaraam

   8.  Punith Nayak, India, Improve the functionality of VideoCutTool - New features <>
        Mentors: Gopa Vasanth, Sohom Datta

   9. Varun Shrivastava, India,  Improve the functionality of VideoCutTool - Code Quality/Code Health <>
        Mentors: Gopa Vasanth, Sohom Datta

*Outreachy Round 26*

   1.  Nathaly Toledo, Venezuela, Research imbalances in translation between languages on Wikipedia <>
        Mentors: Adam Wight, Kavitha A, Simulo

   2.  Abhishek Bhardwaj, India, Research imbalances in translation between languages on Wikipedia <>
        Mentors: Adam Wight, Kavitha A, Simulo

   3.  Sulagna Saha, Bangladesh, Write a Ruby gem for analyzing Wikidata edits <>
        Mentors: Sage Ross, Will Kent

We would like to encourage accepted candidates to introduce themselves on this thread and give a brief overview of the project they will be working on.

We’re so proud of the contributions they have made so far to our community, and we look forward to having a wonderful time working with them over the
summer. Also, a huge shout-out to the project mentors for their enthusiasm and commitment!


GSoC / Outreachy Wikimedia organization administrators (Gopa, Sohom, Srishti)
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