No it's not, because of the "undoing" problem. A user can't delete a statement assuming this will be enough as he will not be explicit that the statement is bot added and implied by other statements, as opposed as a statement explicitely inferred by Wikibase and marked explicitely as such in the UI. If Wikibase tracks the root explicit statements used to make the inference, they could be exposed in the UI as well to tell the user what he might have to do to correct the mistake (closer to or) at the actual root.

Actually, instead of making stuffs explicit, it make stuffs hidden into complex workflows, so imho this goes in the oposite direction to the intended one.

2015-09-29 10:07 GMT+02:00 Andrew Gray <>:
On 29 September 2015 at 08:39, Thomas Douillard <> wrote:
> Some did, I think. :) Anything that doesn't create a recentchanges entry is "hiding that it happened".

Then I'd say the alternatives are either
1) no inferences at all
2) find a solution for inferences to show up on recent changes on related items

Of course if we want to have inferences 1 is not really an option :) and if two is possible, and I don't see why it should not be, then this solves the (not) hiding problem.
Isn't option #2 effectively the same (to the end-user) as having someone build a bot to fill in all the inferences as soon as one part is created? It's just making it faster and more robust...



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