Hi everyone, 

I'm here to announce an important project that the GLAM and Culture team at the Wikimedia Foundation is taking part in during the next few weeks.

Due to Outreach having limited readership and visibility within the movement, our community newsletters don’t always receive the attention they deserve. To address this, we’re working with our colleagues in the Movement Communications team to migrate the This Month in GLAM newsletter from Outreach to Meta-Wiki.

Both teams are working on this task in the next few weeks in order to:
  1. Increase visibility and participation in the GLAM newsletter.
  2. Ensure the GLAM community has a place (Meta-Wiki) where they feel seen, engaged, and supported by the Wikimedia community, partners, and Foundation.
  3. Increase the amount of multilingual (or translatable) content to engage contributors from other languages and more regions.
This activity already has the support of the newsletter’s main editors. It was also already announced in this October report in the newsletter.

The migration of the report pages, talk pages, categories, and templates will happen from November 19th to 30th. This period is important to accommodate the migration before the reports from next month. Any other modifications or corrections will be made before December 15th.

If you have any questions or ideas about the migration, please contact the GLAM & Culture team at glam@wikimedia.org and the community editors at thismonthinglam@gmail.com.


Giovanna Fontenelle (she/her)

Program Officer; GLAM and Culture 

Wikimedia Foundation