I have just closed a second deletion discussion for Property:P107 - main type (GND). 

As with the first discussion, it is clear that there is a broad sense that main type (GND) is not an ideal solution, however as it stands now, a large enough portion of the community does not want to get rid of it unless/until a replacement system is found or developed. For this reason, I closed the discussion as no consensus and opened up a request for comment on the matter of finding a replacement for P107.

I have gone to the unusual step of emailing the mailing list for three reasons. First, P107 is the most used property on the project, and it or its replacement will (most likely) remain the most used property on the project forever. Second, the GND has evolved into a component of how Wikidata is structured; our lists of properties are sorted by GND type, and that has a real impact on what properties are used on what pages. The third reason is that, as a general statement, participation levels in requests for comment have been downright sad. Three or four people participating in an RfC is, for a project of this size, unhealthy, and most RfCs don't get more than that many people participating in them. For something this important, we need at least a dozen people, preferably at least twice that.</rant>

Anyways, the RfC is at https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Requests_for_comment/Primary_sorting_property and I hope that, with broad participation, we can finally resolve this issue.