Awesome update! I like very much this tool and I feel happy to have it in Wikidata.

Thank you, Goran! And thank you Lea for the information about the new feature!

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En 19 dic, 2017, en 16:30, "Léa Lacroix" <> escribió:

Hello all,

You may have heard about the Wikidata Concept Monitor (WDCM) website, a tool full of statistics about Wikidata's content and usage. It was released for the 5th birthday by Goran, data scientist in the Wikidata team.

A new board is now available on the platform: the Geo Dashboard. It creates a map of the 1000 most used items in several semantic categories: museums, libraries, art galleries, universities, botanical gardens, etc. The usage of the items being the count of the number of pages in the Wikimedia projects where the Wikidata item is used.

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Example: Map of the 1000 libraries in Wikidata that are most used in the Wikimedia projects

Feel free to have a look at this board and the others, check the documentation and ask any questions if you have some. You can also suggest other categories that you would like to see represented on the Geo Dashboard.