This is indeed immensely satisfying. In this representation we find the connections between Wikidata and other websites. It helps explain how such a connection benefits both sides of a connection. Is there a place where this is explained in more detail?

What I am missing in all of this is a link between Wikidata and DBpedia. It is well known that DBpedia ingests all Wikidata items and it will help when this is raised to a level where it is also included in this representation.

On 12 June 2018 at 09:40, Ettore RIZZA <ettorerizza@gmail.com> wrote:
Thank you very much everybody. There is something strangely satifying to see this big bubble next to Dbpedia.



Ettore Rizza

Le lun. 11 juin 2018 à 17:17, Léa Lacroix <lea.lacroix@wikimedia.de> a écrit :
Hello all,

Thanks to Lucas who filled the necessary requirements, Wikidata now appears in the LOD cloud graph: http://lod-cloud.net

Currently, the graph doesn't display all the actual connections of Wikidata. The only connections that show up are the properties that link to other projects or databases, and having a specific statement on them to link to an RDF endpoint.

If you see something missing, you can contribute by adding the statement “formatter URI for RDF resource” on properties where the resource supports RDF (example).

You can learn more about the procedure to update the graph and a list of the existing and missing datasets here,

Thanks to Lucas and John for making this happening!

Léa Lacroix
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