Yes, feel free to spread the word! Anyone who's interested in Wikimedia and education is welcome.

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Thanks !!!
Is it possibile to invite friends?
Best wishes.

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(usual apologies for cross-posting!)

The board of the Wikipedia & Education User Group invites you to attend our user group's next Open Meeting, one week from today, on Thursday, April 2, at 15:00 UTC, as always via Zoom. We'll be discussing the Wikimedia & Education community's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Guest speakers include:
* Nichole Saad and Melissa Guadalupe Huertas from the WMF Education Team will talk about their strategy and how you can help. (
* User:TiagoLubiana, a graduate student in Computational Biology from the University of São Paulo, and a leading editor at Wikidata:WikiProject COVID-19, will discuss Wikidata's work around COVID-19 and how the Wikimedia and education community can help. (

Per usual, the board will provide an update on user group activities, and we'll offer an opportunity for others to briefly share what they've been up to in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us!

What: Wikipedia & Education User Group Open Meeting
When: Apr 2, 2020 15:00 UTC
Meeting ID: 759 620 545

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