Nicolas, Markus, Gerrard, Stas, Egon and Wikidatans,

Thanks for your clarifications from within the Wikidata community about Creative Commons' licensing and possible other ones.

With CC Wikidata's 358 languages, it seems to be in an important position over time to help define and come into conversation about these licensing issues, in collaboration with Creative Commons itself, with ever further precision and consideration, if only in Wikipedia/Wikidata pages. As these licensing questions unfold over the decades ahead and possibly differentially in the many languages' countries' legal systems even (i.e. CC may unfold differently in different nation states over decades and longer), I hope too CC World University and School (which was donated to CC Wikidata last autumn) and which seeks to develop and offer CC law degrees in all countries' main languages by hiring law faculty, first probably as graduate student instructors, can help co-develop further some of these CC licensing considerations, even as the Wikidata community continues to focus on altruism and sharing, and comes into conversation about this via Creative Commons' licensing at present.

These licensing issues (and related emergent questions) will probably only grow in sophistication as Wikidata and information technologies themselves (in all languages) develop in the long run, and I'm glad you/we Wikidatans are addressing these issues directly as they unfold. Thank you.

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On 18.06.2016 08:37, Gerard Meijssen wrote:
I have written my opinion on the licensing of Wikidata data.. [1]

I agree with your position there.

It's nice to have an argument that appeals to our goals of sharing and altruism. My former argument was more about the undesirable legal implications that such copyright-law strengthenings would imply -- a warning of the negative effects -- but it's good to also remember the positive effects that the current situation brings us.



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