I set up one of my tools for you (nowiki) for [1] :

It doesn't give you a list (though I could add that), rather presents you with a random one and tries to find a matching item. Basically, what you need to do anyway for due diligence.

Not quite sure what else you need, too much "somehow" in your description...

On Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 4:01 PM John Erling Blad <jeblad@gmail.com> wrote:
We lack several maintenance scripts for the clients, that is human
readable special pages with reports on which pages lacks special
treatment. In no particular order we need some way to identify
unconnected pages in general (the present one does not work [1]), we
need some way to identify pages that are unconnected but has some
language links, we need to identify items that are used in some
language and lacks labels (almost like [2],but on the client and for
items that are somehow connected to pages on the client), and we need
to identify items that lacks specific claims and the client pages use
a specific template.

There are probably more such maintenance pages, these are those that
are most urgent. Now users start to create categories to hack around
the missing maintenance pages, which create a bunch of categories.[3]
At Norwegian Bokmål there are just a few scripts that utilize data
from Wikidata, still the number of categories starts to grow large.

For us at the "receiving end" this is a show stopper. We can't
convince the users that this is a positive addition to the pages
without the maintenance scripts, because them we more or less are in
the blind when we try to fix errors. We can't use random pages to try
to prod the pages to find something that is wrong, we must be able to
search for the errors and fix them.

This summer we (nowiki) have added about ten (10) properties to the
infobokses, some with scripts and some with the property parser
function. Most of my time I have not been coding, and I have not been
fixing errors. I have been trying to explain to the community why
Wikidata is a good idea. At one point the changes was even reverted
because someone disagree with what we had done. The whole thing
basically revolves around "my article got an Q-id in the infobox and I
don't know how to fix it". We know how to fix it, and I have explained
that to the editors at nowiki several times. They still don't get it,
so we need some way to fix it, and we don't have maintenance scripts
to do it.

Right now we don't need more wild ideas that will swamp the
development for months and years to come, we need maintenance scripts,
and we need them now!

[1] https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spesial:UnconnectedPages
[2] https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Special:EntitiesWithoutLabel
[3] https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spesial:Prefiksindeks/Kategori:Artikler_hvor

John Erling Blad

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