Yes I agree, so I guess I disagree with the idea of a "data lock". I do however, recognize the desire for a "data lock" which arises out of a personal frustration with good-faith Wikidata editor behavior. Many of these unnecessary edits & subsequent reversions on Wikidata could be avoided when a warning is sent to the good faith editor who makes the same mistake for the nth time. We should be investigating ways to build tooling to address this issue, as I believe a lot of the mistakes are caused by Wikidata beginners who don't understand Wikidata. Don't forget, the matters are complicated by the fact that most editors don't speak a common language except for the labels on the items and properties they are "edit warring" over. I expect that eventually the need for this will decrease as the number of wikipedians in all language versions slowly get onboarded in the proper use of Wikidata.

On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 12:01 PM, Markus Bärlocher <> wrote:
Dear all

I confirm this view:

> the way in which Wikipedia is working:
> The power to edit is the foundation of all Wikimedia projects.
> Any attempt to shut out some "undesired" users will also reduce the
> inflow of competent, well-meaning users.
> Wikipedia and Wikidata alike are built upon the bet that there are
> more things to be gained than to be lost by being open.

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