Yes, there is something wrong with the divs. Need to investigate.

2012/11/27 Lukas Benedix <>
Am 27.11.2012 12:53, schrieb Anja Jentzsch:


On 27/11/2012 10:59 Marco Fleckinger wrote:

Btw: I have one notes on the HTML in the Repository [2]:

* there is a stray end-tag div in line 76
        <!-- /bodyContent -->
        <!-- /content -->

As the comment says, this closes<div id="content">, which is at line 39.
The comment is wrong ;)

The extra</div>  is found in the<!-- bodycontent -->  block

You mean line 65? Yes, just found it as well, but – you're right here – the comments are wrong, should be "mw-content-text" and "/mw-content-text" in line 64 and 65.
we are constantly validating the HTML rendered by Wikidata on our dev system as well and this is the current status (updated daily):


I don't understand that and don't think, what I am talking about, is the dev-system.

I have 38 opening div-tags and 39 closing.

lb@vsrv41563:~$ curl 2> /dev/null | grep -o "<div" | wc -l
lb@vsrv41563:~$ curl 2> /dev/null | grep -o "</div" | wc -l

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