Hi Wikidata-niks,

As part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art project, I am interested in facilitating more public editing of Wikidata items for artwork through external tools, including that by relative newbies who might have an interest in art history.

One basic property for artworks that is particularly suited for this field is Depicts (P180), for example saying that a particular painting depicts a particular person (or building, or mountain, or divinity, or type of clothing).

We can do this to some extent now with Listeria and its 'wdedit' option, but this requires js customization and significant wiki background on the user''s part.

I was thinking something like the Wikidata Distributed Game might be interesting and broadly accessible to the public, but that tool currently only allows multiple-choice edits, and doesn't have a text entry box option.

Would it be possible to have some WiDaR-sh tool that could fill this niche for artworks?

I think it could be of very broad usefulness and interest to art communities.