TL;DR: Did anybody consider using Wikidata items of Wikipedia templates to store multilingual template parameters mapping?

Full explanation:
As in many other projects in the Wikimedia world, templates are one of the biggest challenges in developing the ContentTranslation extension.

Translating a template between languages is tedious - many templates are language-specific, many others have a corresponding template, but incompatible parameters, and even if the parameters are compatible, there is usually no comfortable mapping. Some work in that direction was done in DBpedia, but AFAIK it's far from complete.

In ContentTranslation we have a simplistic mechanism for mapping between template parameters in pairs of languages, with proof of concept for three templates. We can enhance it with more templates, but the question is how much can it scale.

Some templates shouldn't need such mapping at all - they should pull their data from Wikidata. This is gradually being done for infoboxes in some languages, and it's great.

But not all templates can be easily mapped to Wikidata data. For example - reference templates, various IPA and language templates, quotation formatting, and so on. For these, parameter mapping could be useful, but doing this for a single language pair doesn't seem robust and reminds me of the old ways in which interlanguage links were stored.

So, did anybody consider using Wikidata items of templates to store multilingual template parameters mapping?

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