No, sorry - not by labels.

I would suggest to do it through a config variable.

badgeItems = [ 'Q12345', 'Q23456' ]

And then use the labels of those items for translated labels for the badges, if needed (i.e. if the icon is not sufficient anyway).

2013/9/5 Michał Łazowik <>
Wiadomość napisana przez Denny Vrandečić <> w dniu 5 wrz 2013, o godz. 23:44:

> The item ID stands for the badge, the label of the item is the label for the badge. There is no need to connect them. Or am I misunderstanding something?

For the current setup - how to tell the software which ID is for FA and which for GA.
If this was done by labels, then en labels for FA and GA templates would need to
be hardcoded into the UI. Would that be OK?

> For the images - yes, a message is a good idea.

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