I think this is the same ?
IMDb (P345)
   A bot has just come in and fixed everything, in this case, the formatter url was left intact so the old ulr’s
were still there, the bot just put in the wayback URL’s.
   but what the bot did not due was reverse what editors had done in the past.
in the pages under IMDb ID, ch #######
1. The rank on the pages is still marked at deprecation.
2. (reason for deprecation) p2241 was added and is still there.
2. (former IMDb character page), Q44374960  was created just for this and added and it is still ther.
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I have finally got around to starting to decommission
Pages now redirect to Wikidata entity URIs.
I won't be renewing the domain name when it expires 2019-05-09.
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Date: Monday, 24 April 2017 at 15:51
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A number of years ago I was having some very frustrating times with the identifier instability in dbpedia. Two people looking up an identifier for the same concept at different times ended up with different identifiers.

So I created a proof of concept, dbpedialite, which uses Wikipedia PageIDs:
(At the time there was a page title edit war between Stoat and Ermine)

But now we have Wikidata – which solves this problem much better – so I should really get on and decommission dbpedialite.

What are you using Wikipedia Page IDs for?  Might it be better to store the Wikidata ID and then lookup the Wikipedia page on demand?


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