Hi there,
I recently tried to set up Wikibase extensions on my personal MediaWiki site, and almost everything worked fine till now. I know every entity can have its own site links on various wiki sites, but I had difficulties in configuring them on my data site. As per https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikibase/Installation  ,
For Wikibase Repository and Wikibase Client
Run the database update script of your MediaWiki installation:
php maintenance/update.php
Run the script that populates the sites table:
cd extensions/Wikibase
php lib/maintenance/populateSitesTable.php
After running populateSitesTable.php, it seems that now I have a series of Wikimedia project sites in the sites table. However, I just want to add ~10 (non-WMF) wiki sites of various languages, so that editors can just type in the article name on those wikis to create site links, instead of giving the full URL pointing to that external wiki over and over again. Is that possible for non-WMF wikis? If so, I guess I need to make changes to sites table by my hand, right?
Is this mailing list suitable for general discussions on Wikibase extension?