Hi all,

I'd need help on the Wikidata/Wikibase reconciliation service for OpenRefine.

Context: I have my own Wikibase and WDQS instances in production, and I want to set up a reconciliation service on top of it, so that users can perform matchings from their local OpenRefine. I'm using the same tool as Wikidata, i.e. https://github.com/wetneb/openrefine-wikibase. The web service works fine, I can reconcile strings in OpenRefine against the data stored in my Wikibase instance... 

Issue: But there is a noteworthy difference compared to how the Wikidata reconciliation service works: 
- with Wikidata, i.e. by using the web service URL with the "en" language prefix (https://tools.wmflabs.org/openrefine-wikidata/en/api), I am able to find matches among labels in any other language of a Wikidata item. For instance, if I send a request for "Jacopo de Fazio", which is an alias in French and Italian for Q313460, OpenRefine will match Q313460 as expected, even if I'm using the "en" language code in the web service url. 
- Whereas in my own instance, i.e. by using my own "openrefine-wikibase" reconciliation service, it can only perform matching of labels/aliases in the same language: e.g. if I use "https://my-service.org/openrefine-wikidata/en/api", the web service only searches for labels in English in my Wikibase. This means that I am forced to launch the reconciliation process in OpenRefine for every single language, one by one.

I do not know how the Wikidata reconciliation service is able to take into account all the labels/aliases in all the languages of a given Wikidata item. The data is modeled in the same way in Wikidata and in my Wikibase, and I do not see any difference between the two in the way the RDF data is structured into the respective triplestores...

How can I enable the same behaviour as in the Wikidata reconciliation service? (i.e. to look for labels/aliases in every languages in one API call)
This would heavily improve the reconciliation process in OpenRefine for my users.

Thanks a lot for your help!