Repos are trivial to create. If we need a repo I can hop on for a minute or so to do it.

(technically out today and tomorrow but don't worry about asking...I'll probably be working anyway in between opening gifts)


On Dec 24, 2013 1:22 PM, "Greg Grossmeier" <> wrote:
Hi there,

>From the October 24th Wikidata/WMF checkin, there's this note:

== October 24 ==
* deployment from single repo - ok now? Can we get a commitment to try
* this for the next deployment?
** Yes all good to go. Let's do this for the deployment on test on Oct

What is the status of this? I don't see that (single WikiData repo
manually manged by the wikidata team) in our production and labs

Why am I bringing this up now? Because there are planned changes to how
WD will do dependencies (what are dependencies where, I guess) that will
break the Beta Cluster if done without coordination. Jeroen is asking
for help so he can work on these changes.

The option proposed which I'm not happy about: turn off automatic
WikiData updates on Beta Cluster. If this has to happen, then we need
someone on WMF's side who's confident with Beta Cluster to be
around/help. Antoine is out on vacation (it is Dec 24th ;) ), but maybe
Timo could help? I'm not sure, honestly.

The option I want to be done: actually implement the single/manual repo
so that there aren't these breakages on Beta/Production.

I don't want to do the first option because it is a stop-gap solution
that is only necessary because the right thing hasn't been done (since
at least Oct 24th?).

What are the needed next steps from WikiData and WMF to finish this?
I see on change from Katie (thanks Katie!):
* but unless I'm mistaken, that's just one piece of the puzzle.

Is the single repo created in gerrit? If not, we (WMF) should get that
done ASAP (considering holidays).

Thanks all, especially Jeroen for helping clarify some things.


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