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I am writing to inform you that at Wikimedia Deutschland we have decided to stop having weekly Technical Advice IRC Meetings (TAIM)[1] at #wikimedia-tech after the final meeting on December 18th. In other words, Technical Advice IRC Meetings will not continue in 2020.

We realized that the regular IRC meeting format has achieved the limits of its reach, and it is time for us to think about other means to better support as many volunteer developers as possible contributing to Wikimedia software.

At WMDE we’ll be dedicating our efforts in 2020 to constantly improve documentation of our products, including Wikidata and Wikibase, to allow easier usage and contribution. Our engineering teams are also exploring new possibilities to support volunteer developers in a more asynchronous way than regular IRC meetings. If you have any suggestions for this, please let us know on our talk page.[2]

On this point we would like to send the warmest thank you to all the people who hosted TAIM meetings, all participants asking and answering questions, and all supporters of TAIM over the years.

Have a great seasonal break and see you around in 2020!

On behalf of TAIM crew at WMDE


[1] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Technical_Advice_IRC_Meeting

[2] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Talk:Technical_Advice_IRC_Meeting

Johanna Strodt
Project Manager for Community Communication / Technical Wishes Project

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