The commit moving the files in the DataValues repo around finally has been merged \o/. We can thus now create the 2 new git repos that still need to be created (the ValueView one is already there). We however still do not have settled on names for these. Currently we have:

* DataValues(.git) (Composer: data-values/data-values): the DataValues interface and trivial implementations (ie BooleanValue).
* DataValuesInterfaces(.git) (Composer: data-values/interfaces): ValueParser/Formatter/Validator interfaces and trivial implementations
* DataValuesCommon(.git) (Composer: data-values/common): All currently existing non-trivial implementations of the interfaces defined by the above two packages that are not in Wikibase. Things might be split from this at a later point if we deem this to be of use (for instance having a DataValuesGeo data-values/geo with GlobeCoordinateValue, LatLongValue and all the parsing and formatting code).

We will not be able to change these names without a lot of hassle later on, so if you do not agree with one of the later two, speak up now. Unless there are better suggestions, I'll be requesting repos with said names this weekend.


Jeroen De Dauw
Don't panic. Don't be evil. ~=[,,_,,]:3