Hi there,


I'm currently working on a .NET implementation of Wikibase API client, and have some (perhaps somewhat trivial) questions


Take the API response for wbgetentities on Q513 for example. In the response, we have a claim


"P625": [


        "mainsnak": {

            "snaktype": "value",

            "property": "P625",

            "hash": "72a03bd4ecbba1e7d0e0dfc2779ceccf9b2e0bcb",

            "datavalue": {

                "value": {

                    "latitude": 27.988055555556,

                    "longitude": 86.925277777778,

                    "altitude": null,

                    "precision": 0.00027777777777778,

                    "globe": "http://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q2"


                "type": "globecoordinate"


            "datatype": "globe-coordinate"


        "type": "statement",

        "id": "q513$6dcddd25-48a6-229a-0e36-31b122c2c813",

        "rank": "normal",

        "references": [



1.    Is "altitude" attribute in "globe-coordinate" property type still in use? I saw this attribute in the API responses, but as far as I can observe, they are always null. Is this attribute either reserved for future use or obsoleted? (I’ve opened T177269 but later thought that maybe mail list is more appropriate for this.)

2.    Currently the “type” (in “datavalue” node) and “datatype” attributes seems somewhat duplicate, are you planning to make it possible for one “datatype” to support some other “type”s, to some extent similar to polymorphism?