For consistency the wikipedia api should probably also return an upper case wikibase_item for the pageprops query [1]



On 10 September 2013 12:11, Daniel Kinzler <> wrote:
Hi all.

With today's deployment, the Wikibase API modules used on will
change from using lower-case IDs (q12345) to upper-case IDs (Q12345). This is
done for consistency with the way IDs are shown in the UI and used in URLs.

The API will continue to accept entity IDs in lower-case as well as upper-case.
Any bot or other client that has no property or item IDs hardcoded or configured
in lower case should be fine.

If however your code looks for some specific item or property in the output
returned from the API, and it's using a lower-case ID to do so, it may now fail
to match the respective ID.

There is potential for similar problems with Lua code, depending on how the data
structure is processed by Lua. We are working to minimize the impact there.

Sorry for the short notice.

Please test your code against and let us know if you find any


PS: issue report on bugzilla:

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