Suggestion for unification: Use an Array with JSON-Objects in it.
Optionally grouped by language group:


{"de":["foo", "f.Oo"],"de-formal":["formale Objektorientierung"]},

Anyway, I taught my code now to guess… :P

On 27.02.2014 14:25, addshorewiki wrote:
In the dumps you are seeing the internal serialization format which is not stable and can change and may differ between different versions of various items created at different times.

Currently in the internal format will do the following:
No aliases will appear as       "aliases":[]
Aliases will appear as      "aliases":{"en":["no1","no1"]}


On 27 February 2014 14:19, Fredo Erxleben <> wrote:
Hey there,

I stumbled upon an inconsistency when parsing the dumpfile JSON:

In item Q58404 (Haaften) the aliases are an empty array, as in


The same holds for Q15982 (Wernigerode), wich also has no aliases and therefor an empty array.

In item Q189889 (Chicago) the aliases are an object:


The same is the case for Q42 (Douglas Adams).

Which one should it be now? I suspect there is an error during the writing of the dumpfiles…

-- Fredo

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