I'm interested in using SPARQL for my own Wikibase installation. But, I was getting errors in the munge step.

To reproduce the problem, I set up a new Wikibase instance and tried to load it into wikidata-query-rdf.
It has only one item, one property, and one statement.

First I used the included dumpRdf.php to create the RDF file, attached.

Then I did the munge step. It produced the errors, attached.

I don't understand why there is "Unrecognized subjects" when the subjects listed do match the patterns, "Expected only sitelinks
 and subjects starting with http://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Special:EntityData/ and

I don't understand what is the revision id it is looking for.

What is the proper procedure for indexing?
If necessary, I can code in Java and fix the tools. I just need an overview on how this system works.