Hi all,
I am currently exploring wikidata through its SPARQL endpoint. All the tutorials and Wiki help pages helped me a lot. But now I reached a point where I can't find an answer on these pages:

I was trying to extract some information about properties with the help of rdfs:domain and rdfs:range, but that doesn't work at all. Then I noticed that wikidata doesn't make use of the W3C-established standards RDFS and OWL. Appearently it uses its own relations like P31 (instance_of) instead of rdf:type or P279 (subclass_of) instead of rdfs:subClassOf and so on. Yet I could not find the wikidata equivalence for rdfs:domain and rdfs:range. It seems there is no direct one, but it is modelled via P2302 (property constraint) and than some further property path which I was not able to figure out so far.

For instance when I look at property P747 (has edition) I find at the very bottom "property constraint" (P2302) and "type constraint" (Q21503250) and "work" (Q386724). To my understanding this "work" is the domain of property P747 (as RDFS guy I would expect the statement wd:P747 rdfs:domain wd:Q21503250 to be true). But how could I retrieve it with SPARQL the wikidata way? It seems to me rather obscure.

Best regards