Having these in one place makes sure they
are consistent, which is especially important when running both repo and client
on the same wiki.

This highlights a concrete issue with putting it in lib. It makes sure they are consistent, which might work if you have a client and repo running on the same wiki, where the client is connected to the repo. If however the client is connected to another repo, one needs to be able to use different settings.

Do you have a suggestion how to solve this? We have had different saettigns for
the same thing in repo and client before, I would like to avoid this in the future.

It would indeed be nice to have a convenient way to configure client and repo in the same way for certain settings. I can think of some approaches we could take, though they all seem to much effort to be worthwhile to tackle a nice-to-have. I'd be happy to review any proposal on how we could do that. Tip: you probably should not use Lib at all for this. I trust that in the meanwhile we will not continue to throw architectural principles under the buss for local convenience.


Jeroen De Dauw
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