The easy solution would be not to do anything special right now, besides a configuration option to switch badges on and off in the UI. (Whereas I see usage of Wikibase outside of WMF, I have trouble seeing the sitelinks features and the badges being used widely, and I would refrain from spending too much time on refining that)

In the long run, it seems reasonable to create configurations for:
* switching badges off and on
* letting badges be selected from a specific set or from the set of all items
* either provide a mapping of items to icons or a property to be used to find the icon from the item

But this can be developed iteratively over time, as configuration options, and only when there is actually a use case for it in some project. Until then, let us avoid complexity and creating technical debt in the form of unused features.

2013/9/5 Michał Łazowik <>
Wiadomość napisana przez Denny Vrandečić <> w dniu 5 wrz 2013, o godz. 13:09:

full agreement.

2013/9/4 Tobi Gritschacher <>


changing the badge should not be possible by just clicking the star. The user has to hit the edit button first to make any edits. We should stay consistent with the rest of the UI here.

My suggestion would be, in non edit mode show the star or whatever icon represents a specific badge, and in edit mode just provide a drop down where the badge can be selected from.

Cheers, tobi

On Sep 4, 2013 7:05 PM, "Michał Łazowik" <> wrote:
Wiadomość napisana przez Denny Vrandečić <> w dniu 4 wrz 2013, o godz. 17:52:

> Hi,
> I would actually still stick with these layouts. I know the API allows for a more powerful usage of badges, but the UI could simply allow to set FA or GA, and leave the rest of the badges alone, as a first step.

That seems to be very reasonable, thanks. But the design allows only to switch on/off (one badge).
What should it be to support both FA/GA? A selectable list (of strings?)? A list that opens on clicking the star
and two diifferent star colors?

Just realized after chat with Danwe on IRC: what about non-wmf instalations?


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