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I am developing a scientific terms thesaurus and have discovered that existing Wikipedia "page redirect titles" provide a useful way to resolve an odd or archaic form to a "canonical" term label as it is represented by the Wikipedia page title (aka Wikidata "sitelink").  For example,

In Wikidata, these "page redirect titles" are not represented in the data model except very inconsistently and sparsely as skos:altLabel or ("alias").  My use case is that I would like to be able to query Wikidata for these page redirect titles in order to resolve odd multi-linguistic names to an single concept.

My question is that if I were to create a bot that imported all "page redirect titles" for a given sitelink and created them with the skos:altLabel property en masse, is this a valid semantic relationship?  Or, should it rather be represented as ?sitelink owl:sameAs <page redirect URI>?  Or both?

Furthermore,, in some cases (z.B. mis-spellings), skos:hiddenLabel may be more appropriate, but this has no definition in the data model.  There potentially would be a lot of clutter in the UI without a hiddelLabel alias property.  Also, there are no types for page redirects in Wikipedia, afaik. 

Additional value for the searching in the WIkidata UI could probably be obtained from indexing these alternate page titles as well.

There are several points to address:
1) Should redirects from Wikipedia be imported as aliases on Wikidata? No. This has been done before and created a massive amount of cleanup work because the redirects contained a lot of not meaningful misspellings and more. Please do not import them to Wikidata without approval through the bot approval process and clear quality control.
2) Should we allow more fine-grained distinction between real aliases and misspellings in the UI and datamodel? No. I don't believe this is worth the complexity and resulting discussions/edit wars and more.

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