For a single QID does it make sense to use a HTTP HEAD request against the item page? I assume it would perform well on the client at least.

Albin Larsson User:Abbe98

2018-05-15 20:05 GMT+02:00 Daniel Kinzler <>:
You can do this via the API, e.g.:|Qx|Q10000003|Q66666666666666&redirects=1

Note that this uses QIDs directy as page titles. This works on wikidata, but may
not work on all wikibase instances. It also does not work for PIDs: for these,
you have to prefix the Property namespace, as in Property:P31.

A more wikibase way would be to use the wbgetentities API, as in|Q64&props=

However, this API fails when you proivde a non-existing ID, without providing
any information about other IDs. So you can quickly check if all the IDs you
have are ok, but you may need several calls to get a list of all the bad IDs.

That's rather annoying for your use case. Feel free to file a ticket on Use the wikidata tag. Tahnks!

-- daniel

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