I would actually still stick with these layouts. I know the API allows for a more powerful usage of badges, but the UI could simply allow to set FA or GA, and leave the rest of the badges alone, as a first step.

In a second step we could think about how to deal with the full power of the badges API, but this would require some layout drafts first.

I hope this makes sense,

2013/9/1 Michał Łazowik <mlazowik@me.com>
Wiadomość napisana przez Yair Rand <yyairrand@gmail.com> w dniu 1 wrz 2013, o godz. 14:51:

> Badges are for the purpose of marking articles as featured articles and good articles and such, correct? If so, I figure they would generally only need to take up about one small icon's worth of width in the sitelink row, maybe not even needing a special column. There already is an effective "edit this sitelink" mode that the interface goes to when an edit button is clicked, so badges could be edited from that.

That's the purpose, and that's how they appear in the first mockups [0]. That won't work now,
because the team made a decision that badges can point to any items (note that there can be more
than one badges per sitelink), so the editing has now to be similar to editing aliases, as it's more
than a simple on/off switch.


[0] https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/aa/20120621_wikidata_layout_structure.png
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